Manual Sample Data Installation

To install sample data manually you need to follow instructions, that you can find in this tutorial.

Sample data represents the samples of your website’s content for you to view the example of how your website can display posts,  pages, menus, etc.

Sample Data Installation
  1. In the first place you need to open “your_theme/manual_install” folder, that is located in the template package. Here find Uploads folder.
  2. Now you need to upload Uploads folder to the “wp-content” directory (it is located where WordPress is installed). You can use either FTP or cPanel to do it.
  3. Accept folder’s replacement.
    When you do this, your existing content may be replaced by new sample data.
  4. After uploading the folder to “wordpress/wp-content”, you need to edit template’s database in order for your demo content to be installed.
    Open “theme/manual_install” directory and find “theme-name.sql” file. It needs to be edited, and you can do it with almost any text editor, that is convenient for you (e. g. Notepad, Sublime Text).
  5. Now find all the cases where “your_website_url_here” is used, and replace them with your actual website URL link (e. g. To do it, hit Ctrl+H hot keys, and a window will open offering you to find and replace quickly all the instances. Please, keep in mind, that your website’s address shouldn’t contain slash / sign at its end.
  6. Save changes and close the file.
  7. Now you’re welcome to import the dump file using PhpMyAdmin panel or other database management tool. To do it open PhpMyAdmin (usually it is located in the cPanel of your hosting).
  8. Use Import tab and import the .sql file, which contains sample data tables.
  9. Save your changes.
  10. The last step is to refresh your home page. If everything is correct, as a result you’ll see your new demo content!

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