Archived Files Extraction

Usually a template is downloaded to your PC in the form of an archive (this is because it consists of several files that should be placed in one directory). So when download a template, you find it in the form of an archive with a .zip extension in your default downloads folder.

From this tutorial you’ll learn about extracting archived files.

Extracting Archived Files
  1. To extract archived files you’ll have to make a double-click on the file with a .zip extension.
  2. If it is not working you can try to right-click the following file and select “Open with – Archive utility”.
  3. In both cases Archive Utility program will be opened, and it will extract all the files contained in the .zip archive to the default destination.
  4. During the process of extracting files you’ll be able to see the progress of the extraction process.
    When everything is done the extracted data will be placed in a folder, where a .zip archive is contained.

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